Helping Female Entrepreneurs

Are you finding it hard to get support and assistance when it come to running your business online - Well you have found the right place.

One of the hardest parts of being a female entrepreneurs is finding the support and accountability to help  strong focus on action to move your business forward.

Here in the Sparkle Class Academy you will find it is a place where can come to not only get the simple structures and assistance to building your marketing funnels, but also be surrounded by other amazing women who are also building their business online to create a lifestyle of freedom and choice, all while doing what they love.


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Sparkle Class Academy - Trimester 1


Join the Sparkle Class Academy School for female coaches, consultants, healers, and service business.

Remove the overwhelm and confusion when it comes to Branding, Marketing and Mindset with simple step by step guides, templates and scripts, so you can plus and play right into your business.

Plus an actionable Marketing Plan every month to implement into your business to help you get automated to live a lifestyle business by design.

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How to have
"Conversations That Convert"

Confidently do discovery calls without the nerves
✓ How to speak without feeling sleazy or sales-y
✓ How to overcome objections without sweating
Get the scripts and steps on what to say

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Our FREE Sparkler community group with training, resources, support, competitions and giveaways.

Create Converting FB Ads

Get this 3 day training and 90 minute masterclass so you can create converting FB ad's and build you leads list like never before.

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Personal mentoring for small businesses, personal branding, social media marketing, direct sales & network marketing.


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"I have never come across a more loving and supportive community as this one. Thank you to all of you for allowing each person to shine in their own way. For raising them up, for listening to their fears or hurdles. This is how the world should be. So glad I found the #sparkleworld, a unique world within itself."

Kaleena Bosanquet
Sparkle Elite

"I had an outstanding 1:1 coaching call yesterday and I am absolutely over the moon.. I've been able to have a clearer view and now feel I'm even closer to my passion.. I woke today at 4am, ready to dive in and get this imperfect action is better than no action at all started.. Sally you really are our Sparkling Diamond we all need in our lives THANK YOU"

Sheridan Sorenson-Fox
Sparkle Elite

"Sally! I just booked my first assessment at $1400, and the parent didn’t even flinch! (why would they?? It’s still awesome value!!) Thank you for giving me the confidence to up my price. I think you’re right, $1600 should be the going rate based on my value ladder analysis you have me doing this morning. I’m so happy! So filled with purpose. I never imagined I could enjoy my business this much. It’s been a burden since I started 2.5 years ago but I’m just loving it now! I do hope it’s a sign of things to come!!!xx So glad I invested in my 1:1 coaching!!! I thought I’d make more money but I never imagined it would reignite my passion and have me feeling I have an important job on the planet again. There really are no words to thank you! "

Sarah Mitchell
Sparkle Elite


Melissa is one of our Sparkle Elites and she tells us what she loves about working with Sally Sparks-Cousins

Sarah is also one of our Sparkle Elites. Hear what she has to say about the Sparkle world.


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Sparkle News

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