Running Your Business Should be Fun

I help online coaches, consultants, healers and course creators to attract 5+ quality clients a week on auto-pilot without the tech-set-up confusion.

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The Only Business Coaching Program you'll need to get to 7-figures.

As you scale your business, the business coaching program scales with you, using The Sparkle Class Academy Signature Method "The Automated Client Attraction Method' & our 3-Step Process.

Set-Up Your Systems

Build your automated marketing machine with our easy to follow click-by-click set-up process using our ready to take and tweak customisable templates, swipe files and plug and play automation.

Convert Your Clients

Learn the art of sales, so you can have conversations that convert without feeling sleazy, pushy or gross using our proven sales scripts using paid and non-paid traffic sources.

Scale Your Impact

Scales your business, so you can impact the world with your "Inner Sparkle" with access monthly action plans to take you from working 1:1 to membership and courses as quickly as possible.


Tune into "Straight Talk With Sally"

A podcast designed for coaches, consultants, healers and course creators who want to set-up their sales & marketing machine, convert their clients and scale their impact by sharing their inner sparkle with the world.

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"I was sick of commenting in groups and on social media posts hoping something sticks — felt like throwing spaghetti at the wall — I am finally scaling my business how I always wanted to, thanks to Sally & Team Sparkle! "



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What's Your Evolution Stage?

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My Proven 3-Step System For Creating The Most Powerful,

"Attention Grabbing" Lead Magnets

(without the stress, tech confusion, or crazy overwhelm)

How to DELIVER in a fun and interactive way... that almost forces people to pay attention to your brand.
  • How you can create engaging content for 3 months in only 30 minutes . . . So you can stop getting stuck with what content you should be making and focus on what most important.
  • Get a deeper understanding on how branding your business, is a key element for your Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Discover  how you can make the ultimate shift from struggling to attract people online, feeling stretched too thin and confused as to what to do next to make your business successful
  • Learn how to create a professional brand that will stop the scroll and an irresistible lead magnet, that will have people clicking for more
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