Revealed... The NEW Virtual Automation List Building Bootcamp With Sally Sparks-Cousins...

Build Your Automated List Building Machine in this 3 Day Bootcamp

So You Can Enjoy More Scalable, Profitable, Hands-Free Business In 2020!

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The Virtual Automation List Building Bootcamp is an intimate, private and exclusive 3-Day Done-With-You experience. Take Action from the comfort of your home this June...

Virtual Automation List Building Bootcamp

is for Female Coaches, Consultants, Healers & Course Creators.

Who are looking for guidance to automate and grow their business online leveraging the exact sales & marketing systems used in the Sparkle Class Academy.

Walk alongside Sally and her team as they share what is working in their businesses, and take and tweak all the templates, action plans and get the guidance to build a scalable business even when sales and marketing is not your passion. 

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You Are Never Alone....

Imagine what’s possible for your business. When you are able to... 

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SPEAK directly to your mentor WEEKLY

via a video call with her and her team, because they want to spend the time getting to know you and your business inside and out, so you can get the best results and conversions

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at your computer building and designing your sales and marketing funnels – knowing that when you get stuck you can turn to Team Sparkle and the community to help and guide you.

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Have someone LOOK at your NUMBERS

especially if you are not sure how to read your leads and sales numbers, you can have your results reviewed by an expert who can help you make changes to increase your results to get more leads and sales , even if you're not good at knowing what you should be tracking.

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with plug and play marketing and sales tools. Including pre-written email templates, ready to use proven high converting landing pages, amd step by step scripts – so you have more time to do the work you love instead of spending it chasing clients or trying to reinvent the wheel.

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The Automation List Building Bootcamp

Has been created for people who...

  • Want to stop procrastinating and are ready to take action
  • Want to be able to implement a marketing funnel that will have people booking out your calendar
  • Want easy to follow and proven marketing system that actually works
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"The Access to Sally face to face is amazing, that alone is worth more than all the tools and resource she supplies, as I have no excuse but to keep taking action to moving forward"

~ Bronwyn, Sparkle Class Academy Student ~



  • Sally and her team are there to help guide you through all the techy stuff, so you never get stuck not knowing what to do.
  • No need to be overwhelmed and confused with all the software choices, Sally has simplified the entire process so you can run your entire business on 2-3 programs, that will scale and grow with your business. 

  • Access to all the Opt-In, Landing Page, Swipe Files, and Copywriting templates that are proven to convert.
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The Virtual Automation List Building Bootcamp



Direct Support and access to Sally and her team face to face so that no student gets left behind

This Program is for you if...

  •  If you are hustling harder and harder, month after month, and STILL not cracking $50K in revenue…
  •  If you are sinking more and more money into your business and not seeing ANY returns…
  • If YOU are wasting valuable time on loads of different courses, software and training that always seem to end with you more confused (or stuck in the overwhelm of choices. ugh.)
  •  If you keep telling yourself – “I can’t do this! I just CAN’T move the needle, I might as well quit!”


What Makes The Virtual Automation List Building Bootcamp Different from Other Programs?
"No Student Left Behind" Policy

The amount of personal attention you’ll get for your business in
3- Days with Sally
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Discover how, when you have access to the right mentor and coach, you can get back a belief in yourself and the dream you set out to create.


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Prior to finding the Sparkle World I had spent tens of thousands on coaches and courses, but none of the compare to the amazing resources and support I have received in the Sparkle Community.

Thank you Sally for always being so easy to approach and talk to when I need help. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me and my business!

~ Amanda, Sparkle Elite Member ~


You’ve started and stopped so many times you’ve lost count.

If you . . .




But you STILL can’t seem to figure out how find people to speak to so you can get your business making the kind of money you thought you’d be making by now…


(The good news is – learning to sell isn’t rocket science!)



So if you're sick of trying and failing...

(and you’ve got the bank statements to prove it)…

(that is genuine, trustworthy and doesn't feel sales-y or puts a bad taste in your mouth) IS WHAT’S BEEN MISSING

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In The Sparkle Elites, we pride ourselves on the "No Student Left Behind" Policy

And we’re committed to keeping all content relevant and fresh. That’s why we are constantly updating our training tools!
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Hey Sparkling Lady,

Are you ready to finally build and launch your first or next automated list building machine? 

If so, then this will be the most important event you attend this year. 

The Virtual Automated List Building Machine Accelerator is designed to fast-track your marketing funnel launch. 

 You'll be able to get your idea out of your head and into a real marketing funnel in just 3-days. 

 This is NOT another tele-workshop or online training seminar... 

 This is an intimate, Done-With-You event that combines "learning" with "action taking" in a proven way. 

 Together, we'll implement my simple, streamlined, and Automated List Building Machine, 5 Sales Email Series, 9 Touch Follow-Up System and Automated Calendar Booking System

so you can attract a cold lead and have them booking their own 1:1 consult calls with you while you sleep.

This is the exact same system that has been responsible for the success of my own multiple 6-figure business... 

And that has helped women all around the world to stop trading time for money, and build profitable, lifestyle businesses. 

Women in over 100+ industries, like...

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Transformation Coaching
  • Health & Wellness
  • ​Relationships
  • ​Weight loss
  • ​Fashion Consultants
  • ​Leadership Coaches & Consultants
  • Property investment
  • ​Weight loss
  • ​Marriage 
  • ​Kids with ADHD
  • ​Mindset 
  • ​Trauma
  • Online Personal Trainers
  • ​Eczema Relief
  • Dyslexia Assessment & Support
  • ​Social media marketing

and many many more...

Imagine if you too had a successful business that allowed you to work on the stuff that you really loved - and not stuck in the tech? 

A business that brings in more reliable and consistent leads and sales... without struggling to find the next client? 

 Imagine if you were getting a constant flow of people booking calls to speak with you to ask you for help (without you chasing down new leads – they were knocking on your door!)

What kind of difference could you make to this world, if that was your reality?

Well, that's exactly what I want to help you achieve at The Automation List Building Bootcamp this June.


Before I go on, I want to set with you some of your expectations. 

This isn't the first time I've worked closely with female entrepreneurs to get their automated marketing funnel launched. 

 I've seen some women take my advice, follow the Action Steps, and make 5-figures from their consults in just a few days!

Some have even made over $60,000 with their first month using this marketing strategy... 

But a lot of the time, that isn't the case. 

Unfortunately - at least, in my experience - many who attend this 3-day event will do little or nothing... 

 With all the information, systems, insights and support that my team and I will give them :-( 

 Especially if they don’t follow the directions and take imperfect action and give themselves the gift of done.

As a business owner, your ultimate success will ALWAYS be your responsibility.

Disclaimer: I am not running this event for these types of people…you know who I am talking about…the excuse makers, the complainers, the get rich quick chasers.

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I Am Hosting It For Serious Action Takers Like You!

Someone who will take action and make the most out of our 3-days together…

So, if you are interested in harnessing the automated, hands-free power of an automated list building machine in your coaching and consulting business…

…and are wanting to find out more about what our 3-days together will look like…

It’s time to step up and decide to work your business like a "real business” and get that s#%t done! :-)

It’s time to promise yourself that you won’t be one of those attendees…

 …that does little or nothing with what I am about to give you at this Accelerator.

 But rather make this event your defining moment of 2020.

A Warning Though: There Are Only 15 Seats Available In This Bootcamp

So, if you are ready to build, launch, and fill your calendar with hot prospect wanting to speak to you with the help of my team and I...

Then keep reading all the way through this letter, otherwise next time you visit the page... 

The 15 spots could all be gone. 

With that being said, let me share this program with you....

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 Sparkle Automation List Building Bootcamp

The 3-Day Virtual Experience Designed To Help YOU Build, Launch, And Fill Your Calendar with Prospect Wanting and Needing You To Help Them!

The Virtual Automation List Building Bootcamp will be very different from anything else that I have done before.

I don't mean this is a typical online workshop or virtual seminar where thousands of people will be joining. 

No, this is an intimate, live Done-With-You Experience for a very small number of women (less than 30). 

You and I will be working closely and "TAKING ACTION" together... 

Plus, you'll work right alongside me as you build your marketing funnel, create your converting lead magnet, write your sales emails, set-up your automated follow-up system and customer journey pipeline so no one will ever fall through the cracks again.

You'll be able to avoid the trial and error... 

STOP second-guessing yourself... 

And instead, follow my proven system to fast-track your list building and calendar filling system ready to turn on at the end fo the 3-days. 

 The best part is though... 

You'll be able to get all of this "ACTION TAKING STUFF" done live... from the comfort of your home! 

All you'll need to access this system is a laptop, internet connection, software for email automation, calendar scheduling, and landing page creation… plus a hardcore Action Taking attitude...

More on the software soon…

(We'll even cover your UberEats deliveries across the 2-days to really keep you focussed... more on that later!) 

So, if you're truly serious about getting new leads and customers into your calendar in 2020, then attending this event is a no-brainer. 

Here's How It Works:

The Virtual Automation List Building Bootcamp Is An Immersive Doing Experience...

Together with the other 14 Guests from across the world, you'll jump in LIVE using Zoom, and start our Action Taking right away. 

Together, we'll work to get your marketing funnel out of your head, and ready to launch.

Let's take a look at exactly what we'll be getting done in the room together:

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Day 1:
The List Building Pipeline 

Our first step will be to take your Zone of Genius out of your head, and plan out your stunning marketing funnel.

Together, we'll map out your ideal clients problems and how we will be able to get them to the transformation they are search of.

We'll give your lead magnet it's irresistable name, design it using our proven converting template in Canva...

And together Sally will walk you through click by click as you create your beautiful pipeline in Kajabi building you opt-in landing page and thank-you page.

Day 2:
The Copy & Consult

Then on Day #2, we will focus on your copywritting.

You will be writing your first 5 sales email in Keap  to help grow that connection between you and your new prospect. 

Using our ready to take and tweek templates you will nurture and love on those new leads... without the guesswork

We'll focus in on filling your calendar with warm prospect for your consult calls...

Even if you've got no following, no advertising budget, and no idea about tech!

You'll work hands-on with me, to write your video sales letter, connect your Acuity Scheduling, and craft your beautiful "Automated Calendar Booking System"

This system allows you to start filling your calendar with prospects, send them reminders all without the need for you to be chasing anyone!


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Day 3:
The Fortune is in the Follow-Up

Finally on Day #3, you will be shown how to set-up the perfect follow-up system in Keap, to ensure that no lead ever falls through the cracks again.

Learn why the fortune is in the follow-up and set-up an automated 9-touch follow-up system that will stop you leaving money sitting on the table.

Together we will set-up this pipeline completed with your follow-up email copy, text messages and how to conduct your follow-up calls the right way and not feel salesy- seazy or pushy!

Plus, we will end with testing that your funnel and intergrations to ensure everything is ready to turn on your automated list building machine.

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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Automated Marketing Machine

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Here's What You'll Need:

ONLY 4 Programs needed to run and SCALE your Coaching & Consulting Business for LIFE to 6-figures and beyond!

All for the cost of 1-2 clients per month

Don't get stuck in tech overwhelm with hundreds of programs, needing plug-ins, intergratrations and a PhD to be able to understand how to use them all.

You will only need these 4 programs and you will have everthing you need to run your coaching and consulting business for life, and they will give the room to scale and grow!

Avoid the headache and time wasted with testing, mirgrating and changing programs because you out grow it or you need more features.

For those who do not own these programs, you can arrange a free month through The Sparkle Class Academy prior to the event.

Sally has tested almost every type of software out on the market for coaches and consultants, and wishes she had just started with these programs to begin with as she would have only had to set everything up once and it would be done!

Avoid slowing your growth and confusion with tech, just do it right from the start with these 4 simple programs, so you can focus on doing what you are truely good at, which is helping your clients with their transformations.

Get your hands on these programs FREE through the Sparkle Class Academy for this online accelerator, and if you don't love the results, you can copy everyting across in your chosen software.

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Software BONUS #1:

One Month Free

$149USD /mth

Contact Sally for special bonuses and discounts only available through the Sparkle Class Academy.

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Software BONUS #1:

One Month Free

From $99USD /mth

Contact Sally for special bonuses and discounts only available through the Sparkle Class Academy.


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Software BONUS #3: Acuity Scheduling

14 Days Free

Contact Sally for special bonuses and discounts only available through the Sparkle Class Academy.


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Software BONUS #4: Canva


Contact Sally for special bonuses and discounts only available through the Sparkle Class Academy.


Don't Go It Alone...

This is your chance to finally overcome those roadblocks that have been holding you back from launching growing your list and booking consults for months (or even years)!

This is your chance to ask specific questions, and get specific answers.

No more generic advice and training...

Just actionable, hands-on, Done-With-You implementation time so you be shown the fastest way to success.

It get's better though, Sparkling Lady, because...


Tuesday 6th October - Thursday 8th October, 2020
(USA) | 2pm - 11pm PDT

Wednesday 7th October - Friday 9th October,  2020
(AUS) | 7am - 3pm AEST

Exclusively for Those Who Are Ready To Take Action

This private, intimate event is exclusively for female coaches, consultants, healers and course creators who are ready to stop wishing and start Taking Action.

This is only for you if:

  • ​You've seen my marketing funnels, loved the look of them and want a professional online marketing strategy for your business too...
  • You've always wanted to create a stunning marketing funnel but have been procrastinating over it for months or even years (and want to learn how I can launch marketing funnel in a matter of days)! OR...
  • You have a coaching or consulting program or created an online course but don't happen to have a huge following or database so you're struggling to fill your program.
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This Isn't Just Another Seminar...
This Is A Hands On Done-With-You Intensive.

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PLUS...You'll Receive These Additional Bonuses FREE!

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Take & Tweak Toolkit

Designing your lead magnets and graphics can be a HUGE time-suck when you're building your marketing funnel :-(
Also writing all your sales email & follow-up email copy can feel very daughting if you don't love writing.
But with this toolkit, you'll quickly be able to take and tweak the proven coverting copywriting for each step of your marketing funnel.

No more stuck in overwhelm, when you have simple sipe copy that you just need to add your own sparkle too.

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A Work From Home MAP

Avoid frantic note-taking with this Work From Home Kit "Marketing Action Plan" 
This Map includes notes, worksheets, checklists, additional trainings and more... 
So you can fully immerse yourself in this live Experience without missing a thing :-) 
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$100 UberEats Voucher

This voucher is to help you commit 100% to putting aside distractions, and focussing on the Action Taking Tasks! 
Just order some food from your favourite local spot... 
Close the door... 
Pull out the MAP I sent you... 
And join me LIVE to plan, build, and launch your stunning automated list building machine :-) 

The Important Details:

  • There Are ONLY 15 Seats Available Inside This Event

  • This Is A Digital Event, Hosted Online Via A Private Link
    (Meaning You Can Join From Anywhere In The World!)

  • You'll Then Join Us LIVE On These Dates:
    Tuesday 6th October - Thursday 8th Octber, 2020
    (USA) | 2pm - 11pm PDT
    Wednesday 7th October - Friday 9th October , 2020
    (AUS) | 7am - 3pm AEST

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The Investment

Option #1: Early Bird Special

$2,997 USD 
Best Value Option

Option #2: Payment Plan

4 x $797 USD

Total $3188

Do I Qualify?

Here are the basic requirements if you'd like to join me at this event......

  • You need to have a real business that is already established.
    • If you are just in 'idea' phase this is not best for you.

  • ​You need to have a legitimate business that can benefit from generating leads/new customers on the internet.
    • If you're a network marketer or not the legal owner of your brand, this is not the event for you.

  • You need to be willing to listen and respect our advice.
    • If you're the type of person who thinks you have a problem no one can solve, this won't be a good fit for you or us. You must be ready to take responsibility and hear the truth.

  • You need to be able to move quickly.
    • If this is not the right time for you to accelerate your business, please don't apply. This event will be sold out so only register if you're ready to act now and not afraid of being challenged.
  • You need to be prepared to invest in yourself and the success of your business.
    • This isn't some cheap get-rich-quick scheme that promises you a million dollars while you only invest $1,000. This is a premium experience designed for the 1%'s who will take the time, money and energy to get even better results in their business.

  • You need to be willing to roll up your sleeves and create your assets with me.
    • This is not a learning seminar where you passively sit and watch; this is a Doing Intensive where you will get more done in 2 days that you might usually in 6 months or more. You must be ready to work.
  • Lastly, we have a strict "nice people only" policy..
    • If you've got attitude, ego, or feel entitled to whinge and complain about anything and everything, then this is not going to work for you. Life is too short to work with dreamers, and my team and I will not be your paid slaves. I find it silly that I have to mention this but yes, there are people like this out there ;-)

Here's Just A Bite Of What We'll Get Done In This 3-Day Bootcamp!

  • Plan, build, and launch your marketing funnel really fast using a proven Roadmap... know what steps to take in what order without the guesswork.  
  • Create lead magnet in a tenth of the time of your competitors when you swipe and deploy my Lead Magnet Template (this will be your unfair advantage, just like it's been mine!)
  • Attract only the dream clients you want to work with, using  the Irresistible Consult Offer we'll help you create. Feel confident you'll be flooding the right people to your business so you can avoid "no clients".  
  • Get prospects filling your calendar for FREE using our Free Social traffic hacks. These hacks are SO powerful, you'll be able to attract a list of hot prospects ready to book a call with you.
  • Connect with your clients and have them saying, "WOW, she just get's me better than anyone!" by planning-out the irresistible message for your market with proven copywriting strategies.
  • Record stunning, professional looking video sales letters, using my swipeable scripts and budget-friendly filming and lighting tecniques... Become a total pro even if you've never been in front of a camera in your life!
  • Keep your prospects and clients coming back again, and again, and again using my super automated nurture strategies... generate ongoing, consistent and predictable revenue WITHOUT doing any more work!
  • ​​Follow-Up with new prospects in your pipeline... even while you're sleeping... using my 9-touch automated follow-up sequence. Model the emails, text messages and phone calles that are working for me right now.  
  • ​​​Decrease your consult no-show rates, but setting up my automated reminder series of emails and text messages prior to the appointments! 
  • Become a confident funnel-building pro, even if you're not "techy". Just copy/paste/tweak my swipeable lead magnet – opt-in to consult booking funnel and start attracting high-paying clients you can't wait to work with... automatically! 
  • ​Make my signature “A-Z” roadmap formula work for you. This process tells you exactly what modules and content to create (and makes getting your course out of your head so dead simple!)
  • NAME your lead magnet with my naming process… Even better, the second step is done for you as I simply tell you what words to use!
  • ​​Map out your own "Marketing Funnel" using my proven system... this is the secret to creating my 6-figure business! (If you’re wanting to get your content done fast - you’ll love this)...
  • Design your at-home filming studio using my budget-friendly tips (SPOILER: You've probably already got all of these items hiding in your cupboards!) 
  • ​​Set-up a customer journey pipeline so you can follow-up like a pro, and stop leaving money sitting in the table. 
  • Learn how to sell your high-ticket offer right at the start of your relationship with a prospect and how to downsell to a can’t say “no” offer that is super easy to sell!
  • ​​My secret squeeze strategy that gets 10% more consult bookings. Even better – I’ll give you word for word how to use this strategy!
  • Have your first 5 sales emails done in less than a day using my "5-sales email templates"… Works even if you’re not a “writer” or have never studied a word or copywriting in your life…
  • ​​​Think you need to be good a Tech, right? WRONG! We'll build EVERYTHING together – and you can get help, and share screen when you get stuck to help you wasting months watching videos or googling for answers.










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This is NOT just a program on Marketing

You get 1:1 support from Sally & Team Sparkle so you can really get the help to ensure that you TAKE ACTION to grow your business, like never before.

Our "No Student Gets Left Behind" Policy, ensures that you are held accountable to working your business.
It's an interactive community experience like no other!


YES! Secure My All-Access Event Pass Now











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