Sparkle Coffee Time Chat Episode #06 - Genavieve Shingle Jaffe

sparkle coffee time Jul 01, 2019

Genavieve Shingle Jaffe


The GDR new laws and how to implement them into your business


Gena Shingle Jaffe is the Legally Fit Mama. She is a mom, lawyer and fitness coach. she helps online business owners protect their legal booty with contracts and trademarks and helps women strengthen their booties through online workouts.  

you can follow her on Instagram @genajaffe and check out her work at  

GDPR Got You Feeling Confused? 

Well I've got you covered with Gena Shingle Jaffe with this live interview.

On this live this tonight she will give you the lowdown on what's important, what you need to do, and what you need to know as an online business owner! 


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