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Brand Values - Part One

marketing Aug 13, 2019

Brand Values - Part One


Your brand values encompasses the entire face of your business. They are the true north to the success of your business and where you are now to where you want to be. So they are pretty darn important. They also show the relationship between your brand your values and your brand values.

Values stands for the core of your business, where you are at the heart, where your true centre is and everything from that radiates out.

There are three main core elements when you're designing your brand. 

  1. They are your brand look
  2. The voice or message of your brand
  3. The relationship of your brand.

Branding is an involved process, it's not something that's complete in a couple of days. A full company rebranding incorporates a style guide. Business values, a vision statement and a visual style guide.

 Creating your brand is like a coaching session. A counselling session to see and find out their why. It comes back to the emotional connection. Why they started in the first place, and their vision for the business going forward.


Brand consists of three main elements

One: Your visual identity. Brand look.


Your visual identity is your logo. It's your colours and typography.

Your brand look is the design.

Two: Your voice identity.


Your voice identity is your tagline. The voice of your business, which is your message.

Do you know my tagline?

Also it includes your time and the style of communication that you put out there into the world.

Three: Your relationship.


The relationship of your brand. This refers to your customer service.

Often hidden elements when designing your brand are not even thought about.

 An example is the internal element. So what comes from in here? Why is it that you do what you do? Who and What makes you unique? What do you stand for?

Once you address this issue you discover who and why you do what you do. Then that brand value sticks to everything. Brand values help you to capture the true essence of personal branding.

Finding your true core brand value is like every other business campaign. 

If you have brand values its your shining star. You know exactly where you're coming from, and you have your brand values defined and put down on paper.

Brand values make you distinct, it makes you recognisable. It helps you to stand out from the crowd. No matter what it is that you do, there are many people that do exactly the same thing.

There are many other business and life coaches. There are many other social media and marketing consultants.

That's me, I'm a designer, I love colour. I help people with their social media and business.

That's me, right? There are lots of people in my line of work.

By making sure that my values were in place first. Everything evolves from there.

How do you discover your true values?

What you is your personal brand?

What do you as a personal brand stand for? What is it that you stand up and represent?

 We need to take this and create consistency. It becomes the fabric of who you are as a personal brand. You are a person. Yes, we're real people. You've got to remember who you are on social media. You are also a brand and people judge brands.

People don't choose Pepsi or Coke. The taste is usually some kind of emotional branding to it.

Like buying a pair of jeans for $200 instead of a pair of jeans for $50. if you

Are you buying for prestige of the brand or are you buying for another reason.


There's so many facets about branding. Think about your branding and have fun with it.

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