Why Create A Course?


Why Create a Course?

Today I want to talk to you about why you should be making an online course for your coaching and consulting business.  

Traditionally people would think...
Learning and the context of learning would happen within a school or a lecture hall.
Now they got interactive whiteboards these days

The e-learning space is having a massive surge
especially in this day and age,
right with everything that's going on in the world…

Global industry analytics actually is predicting that by 2025,
the e-learning industry is going to be a $325 billion industry.

Wouldn't it be nice to have just a little tiny piece of that pie?
Investors alone have been pouring around $1.8 billion into the educational tech industry alone,
and they've been generating well over 200 billion in revenue. 

I believe creating an online course is the most beautiful asset to your business
that will enhance what you currently do as a coach and a consultant.
It will help to better serve people
so that you can really and truly focus 
when you're running those one-on-one sessions.

Interesting, right?
Go ahead, you'd learn more when you watch the video ....

... and remember,

                                  "Never let anyone dull your sparkle"

                                                        💜  Sally 

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