Wine Time & Sexy Numbers

business tips Nov 21, 2019

Wine Time & Sexy Numbers!

So I've bought Friday wine time back on board! We're moving the business over to Instagram as well as Facebook, to see what happens. We've got a few big things up our sleeve in the coming month so watch out for new announcements.

For our first wine time in a while I want to share what we have been doing on our team.  We have been tracking our results on our daily score card. In our business we have a daily scorecard and everyone in our team has a number that they need to complete. This is so we can figure out where our holes are. Where things should be improving what's working and what's not. So after we did our team meeting last night we realised that our main goal is to have conversations with people.

I love to have conversations with people

You know that I love to have conversations with people. Get to know them and find out how I can help them, if I can help them. We have a current marketing campaign running and it is not bringing us many...

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