How to build a really basic lead capturing funnel.


How to build a really basic lead capturing funnel.

The importance of collecting leads via email and clicking emails is super important. Because of any other lists that you have out there, you aren't actually armed.

I want to explain to you why I believe it's so important to be collecting email addresses.....


Number One reason is something I learned is that every email you collect if you're utilizing your listing and emailing people is worth a value of $1.00 per month. 

If you speak to any successful six or seven-figure, eight-figure entrepreneur, all of them will say what is the most valuable asset to your business.

And everybody will tell you, it is your list your email list.

So now what I want to do is I want to give you a little bit of a basic rundown of how you can actually get people to come to you to want to be on your list, because they want your product or your service.

Let me help you.....
Go ahead, watch the video above.

... and remember,


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Mind Mapping


Mind Maps are amazing!

It’s a great way to put down on a piece of paper or whiteboard,
what you are thinking and
how your mind is working.

Mind Mapping is a great way to plan your business operations.
How to tackle issues that are occurring in your business.

If you would like to find some more information about mind mapping.
This video will also tell you how to approach a mind map to get the best result.
How mind mapping can jumpstart your course ideas.
How it works and how it will help new coaches,
consultants and
healers create their course ideas using their inner sparkle to brighten the world.  

... and remember,

                                  "Never let anyone dull your sparkle"


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My Top Three Tools


My Top Three Tools

What would you be spending your money on? 

So today, I'm going to show you my top three tools that I use in my business,
and why I feel that they are the best,
and the most important investment in your online coaching
and consulting business.

Interesting, right?
Go ahead, watch the video....


And if you're interested in looking at any of these programs,
and want to see the back end, yeah, the back end.

If you want to see the dashboard inside of the programs,
how I physically use them in my business,
then just reach out to shoot me a message or
an email to ask@team sparkle.com.au
and we can organize a tour for you through the back end of these programs
so that you can make an informed decision.

 Or would you like to play around one of the programs? 

We currently have a special offer available for you where you can have a sneak peek and play inside the program with a FREE for 28-day ...

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The Path of a New Coach, Consultant, Healer, and Course Creators


The Path of A New Coach, Consultants, Healers, and Course Creators

Today I wanted to talk to you about the path of a new coach,
or somebody who's looking at creating their own course.

Furthermore, what the steps are and the best way to go about that
.....so that you have the fastest path to profit.

A lot of people think that all you need to do is to create a course
.. and put something out there and everybody will come right.
.. and all of a sudden, they're just gonna buy this product that you have created.

Not the best way to go about things
because you really need to validate what it is that you want to offer
to make sure people are actually interested in it...

Would you like to learn more?
Go ahead and watch the video ....


... and remember,

                                  "Never let anyone dull your sparkle"


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Selling Your Products


Selling Your Products

Hey sparklers!!
Today, I've got some interesting facts for you about sales,
about having conversations
and about selling your products.

Because I know a lot of you are super scared about having conversations
...and talking about your products or services. 

Because you don't want to feel salesy or pushy,

.. I want to give you some interesting facts about it
and why you maybe just leaving money sitting on the table
and you don't want to be doing that, right?
You don't want to be leaving money sitting on the table.

Interesting, right?
Go ahead and watch the video ....

... and remember,

                                  "Never let anyone dull your sparkle"



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Let's Talk about Confidence

how to mindset Jul 10, 2019

Let's Talk about Confidence

Here's four tips about Confidence:

Every single person out there is not born with confidence. Confidence is something that you develop over time. It is something that grows with time. 

Picture an athlete. When they first start running, do you think they have the strength and the stamina to run long distances? What about a weight trainer? Do you think that they start out being able to lift 100 kilos? They start on the lower side and do a little bit at a time and they build that muscle. 

Confidence is exactly the same. Confidence is something that you will only build if you practice.

Tip number one, to build your Confidence:


Practice, and get out there and practice, practice, practice.

Let's talk about things you are going to practice.

Tip number two, get your ask into gear:

Now hearing that word ask can be super super scary for lots of people. Walking up to somebody and asking. So often my mum will come over she wants to know something...

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Smart Goals

goal setting how to Jul 02, 2019

Smart Goals

"I want to improve" that's a very broad statement, not very smart goals. It's like saying I want more money. 

Let's talk about smart goals, I set SMART goals all the time. So whether it's for a personal reason, or for a professional reason, it is so important to set smart goals.

Do you know what a SMART goal is?

Is that goal hard to reach? It's not usually a lack of effort, it has more to do with a lack of structure. Structure on how you actually set those goals. When you're setting your goals, think about the acronym smart. 

A SMART goal is specific thing, it is measurable, it is attainable, and actionable. It is realistic, and it is also time bound. Alright, so I'll go into each of these little letters and what they need. Let's think about actually thinking about setting a goal.  These letters will make your goal more achievable, rather than broad statements. So for example,

"I want to lose weight."

"I want to get more healthy."

"Oh, I want to lose,...

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Mistakes are your friends

how to Jun 18, 2019

Mistakes are your friends

I thought I would share a thought for thoughtful Thursday.

Today we talk about strategies you can use to turn mistakes into life lessons that's going to help in future.

Number One

This can be uncomfortable and hard to do. If you make a mistake it's important to acknowledge the error in your ways.

Quite often, what we can tend to do is we can downplay the mistakes, because it's so much more comfortable. If you're in a leadership role, you may say things like

"I'm so sorry, that you feel that way," or you may say,

"It's unfortunate that this has happened."

What you're doing is you're minimising your responsibility. It is much easier to minimise your responsibility in the mistake that has happened.

Before we can learn to turn our mistakes into a lesson, we need to stand up. We need to acknowledge the error that we may have made by saying something like,

"you know what I messed up,' or "I could have done better."

By doing that. you are allowing change to...

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Add Closed Captioning Subtitles to your Videos on Facebook

how to Jun 04, 2019

Add Closed Captioning Subtitles to your Videos on Facebook

Would you like to add the closed captioning subtitles to your videos when they're on Facebook? Well, the cool thing about Facebook is it does it for you! and you won't believe how simple it is once we step through the process.

So let's get into today's content.

Step One

Hit the Live button and deliver your solution to problems that your audience may have. Now  your video is up on Facebook, look for the three little dots on the top right of your post. This is where you edit your videos.

Step Two

Click on the three little dots to bring up edit video. The dots may be in a couple of places. Look for them down the bottom of your video, or on the right hand side up into the top corner. This depends on whether it's an uploaded video, or if it's a live video.

Click this edit video button, and a dialog box will open up. Look down under the right hand side there will be a box that says subtitles and captions, cc.

This is where...

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Knowing Your Why

goal setting how to May 28, 2019

Knowing Your Why

What's your Why have you defined your WHY?

But what does it mean?


As an entrepreneur, you need to know what your why is. It's a hard journey, to go into business for yourself.  To make the decisions to try and take your life and your personal self forward. It can at times feel lonely, when nobody kind of gets it and understands what it is that you're doing.

It goes beyond selling your product or your service, your why should be so much more than any of that. Because you it need to have some sort of purpose to why it is that you choose to do what it is that you do. Why did you choose to sell or have that particular product and service that you have chosen to do?  I know it goes beyond the product. It goes way beyond making some money.

There has to be something much deeper. There has to be something much more that drives you and pushes you through those hard times.

This is what will define a successful entrepreneur over a shiny ball chaser. Somebody...

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