Time Management 101 : Finding your Income Producing Time


Time Management 101

Have you ever felt like you don’t have enough hours in the day...
to perform all the necessary tasks you would like to do?
Are you struggling to find time to do everything you love,
plus have time to spend time with family or friends?

I literally love time management. 
It's one of the most favorite coaching sessions that I do.
Because I always end up at the end of the coaching session with people going, 
“Oh my god, I can't believe how much time I waste every day”…. 

Well, I have a video for you that will work on improving your time management skills.

One on one very basic time management…

.. so that you can figure out where to slot in your IPAs or what I like to call income-producing activities.

I’ll discuss the basic way of breaking down my time, 
then how I break it into a weekly formula, 
and then how I break it into daily tasks. 

Would you like to learn more?
Go ahead, watch the video....


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The Path of a New Coach, Consultant, Healer, and Course Creators


The Path of A New Coach, Consultants, Healers, and Course Creators

Today I wanted to talk to you about the path of a new coach,
or somebody who's looking at creating their own course.

Furthermore, what the steps are and the best way to go about that
.....so that you have the fastest path to profit.

A lot of people think that all you need to do is to create a course
.. and put something out there and everybody will come right.
.. and all of a sudden, they're just gonna buy this product that you have created.

Not the best way to go about things
because you really need to validate what it is that you want to offer
to make sure people are actually interested in it...

Would you like to learn more?
Go ahead and watch the video ....


... and remember,

                                  "Never let anyone dull your sparkle"


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You are the average of the five that you surround yourself with


You are the average of the five that you surround yourself with  

Today I want to talk to you about surrounding yourself with those who lift you up ...
and the five people that you surround yourself with are the five that you will be the average of...

Have you heard this saying before?

You are the average of the five that you surround yourself with.


If you think about it, those that surround you should be lifting you up,
should be supporting your dreams,
your visions,
and if you surround yourself with people who are supporting your visions and your dreams,
how much more likely are you to succeed?

Would you like to learn more?
Go ahead, watch the video....

So who are your five?
I've asked you a few times.
I want you to send me a DM or comment below.
Let me know who are your five, choose them with intention.

Let's not forget, 

You are the average of the five that you surround yourself with.


... and remember,


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The Shiny Ball Syndrome

mindset motivation Oct 10, 2019

Do You Suffer From Shiny Ball Syndrome?

Have you ever had shiny ball syndrome?

Why are you trying to seek the next shiny ball? The next thing that you want to improve on?

Why aren't you looking at that thing that you're already good at? And by getting tunnel vision, figuring out how to make it better? Figuring out how to generate income and profit from it.

You are  already good at that thing that you're already good at. 

Why are you chasing that next shiny ball? 

Stop being a shiny ball chaser!

Stop being a shiny ball chaser. Find that thing that you are already good at and hone in on it, serve, give... help others.

 Do you know the number one thing holding most people back from following their dreams? From following that thing that fills them up inside?

If you are worrying about what other people are worrying about or being judged. 

Watching other people wandering and worrying what other people think. You cannot control what other people think.


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Let's talk about Commitment

mindset Sep 17, 2019

Let's talk about Commitment

Let's talk about commitment. Are you committed to moving forward to doing things? So often I hear people say, Hey, I would love to have a business like yours.  If I could achieve success, I would love it. If I could have influence to help people solve their problems, I would love it. If people would decide to come to my events, I would love it.

But what you'll find is most of the time people make statements like that, but they don't follow through. They don't take the actions needed to achieve their goals. 99% of people will not do what it takes. And It's not an easy road.

It means sometimes doing things that are uncomfortable. It means sometimes we have to do things that are not in our comfort zone. When you step outside your comfort zone, that is when great things happen. It's when you get uncomfortable when you take steps in ways that you know you need to do. It's usually the hardest thing to do that will make changes in your life.

It is so much...

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Emotional Cycle of an Entrepreneur

mindset Aug 20, 2019

Emotional Cycle of an Entrepreneur 

Business, like life can be a rollercoaster. An emotional rollercoaster.

It is super important to  understand these different emotional cycles. It means it's easier to pull yourself out of a negative emotional place and back on track.  It makes it easier to redirect yourself back to a positive emotional place.

Because when you know, and you're more self aware, you have better control over what it is that you do.

Let's have a look at these emotional cycles of being an entrepreneur.

The Excitement Phase

So when we first start  business, there's lot's of excitement. There's lots and lots of hope. This is when we are full of energy,

We're motivated we've got big goals. We see that people are starting to believe in us. We are feeling the reward of actually starting out with excitement. As we continue, we stay excited when we start earning money.  When people start purchasing from and when we good feedback from others.

It's a...

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Let's Talk about Confidence

how to mindset Jul 10, 2019

Let's Talk about Confidence

Here's four tips about Confidence:

Every single person out there is not born with confidence. Confidence is something that you develop over time. It is something that grows with time. 

Picture an athlete. When they first start running, do you think they have the strength and the stamina to run long distances? What about a weight trainer? Do you think that they start out being able to lift 100 kilos? They start on the lower side and do a little bit at a time and they build that muscle. 

Confidence is exactly the same. Confidence is something that you will only build if you practice.

Tip number one, to build your Confidence:


Practice, and get out there and practice, practice, practice.

Let's talk about things you are going to practice.

Tip number two, get your ask into gear:

Now hearing that word ask can be super super scary for lots of people. Walking up to somebody and asking. So often my mum will come over she wants to know something...

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The Positivity Ratio - Practice positive thinking for business success

mindset motivation Feb 27, 2019

The Positivity Ratio

The positivity ratio is a way of thinking that you purposefully try and think positive thoughts on a three to one ratio

I want to share with you in today's blog post about the positivity ratio, have you heard of this before?
If you know somebody who could do with a little bump and to start
changing their mindsets, share this around with them.
I want to talk to you a little bit about positivity ratio, you know, I love my numbers, right?

What is the positivity ratio?

The positivity ratio is a way of thinking that you purposefully try and
... think positive thoughts on a three to one ratio
… so that you tip the scales in your mindset
... and youʼre focusing on things that are much more uplifting to take you forward.
Now, because you focus on the good things it doesnʼt mean that you push aside those negative thoughts,
because what...
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#SparkleLiveChallenge - Day 8 "Flashback"


When things get difficult

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