Time Management 101 : Finding your Income Producing Time


Time Management 101

Have you ever felt like you don’t have enough hours in the day...
to perform all the necessary tasks you would like to do?
Are you struggling to find time to do everything you love,
plus have time to spend time with family or friends?

I literally love time management. 
It's one of the most favorite coaching sessions that I do.
Because I always end up at the end of the coaching session with people going, 
“Oh my god, I can't believe how much time I waste every day”…. 

Well, I have a video for you that will work on improving your time management skills.

One on one very basic time management…

.. so that you can figure out where to slot in your IPAs or what I like to call income-producing activities.

I’ll discuss the basic way of breaking down my time, 
then how I break it into a weekly formula, 
and then how I break it into daily tasks. 

Would you like to learn more?
Go ahead, watch the video....


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Be R.A.D. and Do More IPAs

Be R.A.D. and Do More IPAs

Today I'm gonna be talking to you about how to be R.A.D. baby!

And if you're RAD, you can then do IPAs


What am I talking about? 

So R.A.D  stands for the three best things that I love in my business. things need to be able to be 




Did we just have an aha moment from the true sparkle sisters out there?
Did you notice that I turned this into an acronym? 

Let's be RAD so we can do more IPAs. 

So we want to make sure that what we're doing is either replicatable or automatable, or something that we can delegate

 And when we have things that can be done in that aspect, then it leaves us time to work on IPAs 

What are IPAs? Glad you asked…

They are Income Producing Activities. 

So we have to be RAD so we can do our API's


Get as much stuff that you can replicate.

For example, when you go live, you can replicate the live video and turn it into...

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#SparkleLiveChallenge - Day 5 "Flashback"


S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting


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#SparkleLiveChallenge - Day 4 "Flashback"


I DON'T have enough time - Calendar Blocking


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