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The Course Creation School is Sally's  brand new, online step-by-step training program with eight extraordinary modules to have you launching your online course in RAPID TIME.

Get The Course Creation School for FREE
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Here is what you will get:

  • Access to Sally's Sparkle Elite Club full of other coaching, consulting and professional service based businesses... so you can receive support like no other from a community of like-minded, hard-working female entrepreneurs.
  • Monthly Marketing Action Plans (M.A.P's) with step by step instructions, templates, swipe copy and more, and LIVE implemenation Calls twice a month... so you can have your business questions answered, and collaborate in real-time about how to apply the Monthly Marketing Action Plan.

  • Exclusive access to the Sparkle Elite Club private Facebook group... so you can connect and collaborate with over 100 female entrepreneurs from around the world.
  • Complimentary Platnuim Tickets to the Sparkle Elite Retreat - a 2-day, private members-only event including incredible speakers and a heck of a lot of action taking. (Valued at $2,500 USD per event)

  • Earlybird and exclusive access to new programs.
  • Access to the Course Creation School for FREE (valued at $1,997), with training including:
  • How you can start building your Online Course. Get into the right headspace and smash through those road blocks with mindset stratgies, 
  • Validate your offer and complete compeitior research so you can ensure you have a unique selling point that will help you cut through the noise. 
  • Your Course Game Plan - How to create a profitable high ticket course offer you can sell in a matter of days using my Course Creation Game Plan that tells you exactly what modules and content to create... So you can get your program out of your head, and start gettting paid for it sooner rather than later.
  • Accelerate your content creation by knowing which content delivery styles to use and when, and how to plan out your agenda... so you can remove any the overwhelm, and cut down the time it will take you to complete your course.
  • How to create your video on a shoestring budget... and still look like a pro
  • Fear-free and confident with tech - Build your online course - along with Sally's step-by-step as she show you how to set up your entire course inside of Kajabi. you can make setting your course up and running (and selling) a total breeze.
  • How to create professional looking graphics yourself for your the video elements, to supporting documents, to the professional emails... so you can proud and confident of your professional style.
  • Creating your powerful offer that your students can't say "no" to, by designing a package that is not salsey or sleezy. Discover how to upsells, downsells, and course inclusions... so you can double your revenue without doubling your clients.
  • Fill your course with FREE eager traffic - Don't pay a single thing to have student lining up to join, by utilising the ultimate power of email marketing and Facebook... so you can pack your course with dedicated, enthusiastic students who already know, like, and trust you and are eager to learn.
Get The Course Creation School for FREE

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