About Sally

Sally has over 15 years of experience in sales, social media and marketing management roles and also as a consultant for various companies. She has also been employed as a personal and business branding consultant and has completed full company re-branding including full style guides. She has been working as a professional photographer and graphic designer for over 16 years, and has been employed as a photography and graphic design teacher in TAFE institutions and various art schools around Melbourne for over 6 years.

Sally ran her own very successful Network Marketing Direct Selling company all across the world and was in the top 1% of that company, earning countless awards and achievements in recruiting and team building. In 2016 she was award #3 team builder with 58 personal recruits and in 2017 #1 team builder with 63 personal recruits. She has also been recognised for her achievement by being featured in the companies March 2017 catalogue. Sally studied hard to become #1 and believes that team building is just a skill that once developed everyone can have the same results by learning the steps and duplicating them with practice. She also was able to maintain her sales targets and remain in management by running her business completely online leveraging the power social media.

Sally’s passion in life is to help other female entrepreneurs live happy successful and fulfilling lives while working to grow a business that they love. She believes that if you find your passion, believe in yourself and have the strength to then take action towards your goals you can achieve success.


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