About Sally

Sally Sparks-Cousins is on a mission to empower females to find their "Inner Sparkle" passion and then to use it to build a business that can be tailored around their lifestyles. Working mostly with current or want to be coaching, consultants, healers and service-based businesses.
Sally's will teach you how to use video on social media to attract your ideal client, which will drive them into a sales conversion using video conference tool (ie Zoom or Skype). When a sales consult is done the right way using Sally's system you will never feel sales-y or pushing as you will be speaking directly with those people who are wanting and need your help for transformation. 
Sally believes that we need to bring back good old fashion 'human to human' conversation to be able to serve your clients the right way. This allows for you to growth the know like and trust factor quicker and land high ticket clients. She believes in this system so much that her service comes with a guarantee, that if after working with Sally you are not attracting and closing 50% of your calls, she will continue to work with you until you do.
A communication design, personal branding, marketing funnel specialist and mindset coach, Sally has a passion for educating female entrepreneurs, helping them create a revenue stream so they can truly live the life they deserve.
Sally's marketing and business building strategies are established around a love of tracking KPIs. She is always telling everyone "Numbers are sexy!" and makes it fun to know your numbers. When she looks at your numbers, she can help see your blind spots find what holes need to be plugged in your marketing to ensure a healthy business growth strategy.
Sally identifies as an intuitive empath & uses these spiritual abilities to help female up and coming entrepreneurs to honestly find their Inner Sparkle.
She has the phenomenal talent of being able to see in them, what they cannot see themselves. Her service especially helps those that are trying to find themselves again as their children grow up, but not sure where to look.
Sally's extraordinary gift has helped hundreds of women identify their real gifts and genius zone and how you can turn it into an income generating profession.
She is always displaying an "action taking" attitude, practices good karma, paying it forward and coming from a place of service first, which are laid out for all to see in her brand values.
Through her Sparkle Class Academy and online training, Sally equips businesswomen and entrepreneurs with the knowledge to embrace their God-given talents and passions.
She helps them identify those things they have learnt & experienced, good and bad, during their life on the planet and then taking their knowledge & experience to help others.
She then guides them on how to share and teach it to others so that they can generate profitable business.
Sally has a strong belief that to inspire she needs to lead by example and proves that by rolling up her sleeves and 'getting s#%t done!' through imperfect action, failing forward and helping women realise the power of digital marketing within their businesses.