Sparkle Class Academy 2020


SCA starts with a highly engaged 8 week accelerator with DAILY face to face hands on guidance from Sally & Team Sparkle. 

Plus 12 months ongoing access to The Sparkle Elite Club, Monthly Marketing Action Plans,  Weekly Live Q&A Sessions with Sally,

... and much much more.

This is NOT just a program on Sales & Marketing.

It's an interactive community experience like no other!

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Sales Marketing School

Want the quickest way to grow your business? Sell high-priced programs and services 🙂

As an experienced coach, consultant and professional services provider, Sally is only too aware of how much easier it is to sell 2 x $5,000 programs than 270 x $37 mini-courses if you want to make $10,000!

In the Sales Marketing School, Sally shows you how she creates her killer consult strategies, fills your calendar with high-quality prospects and close new customers with authenticity and integrity. Automate your processes and avoid the time-wasters with this incredible training using Sally's strategies tested in her own business that has made her a multiple 6-figure business.

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Branding Design School

If your sick and tired of guessing how to make your brand stand out from the crowd? Well You Don't Have To Be...

Quickly learn how to design a personal brand that helps you attract clients with ease, establish connection & trust, and sell more… without spinning your wheels, and spending endless frustrating hours in Canva.

By the end of the course you will have a complete visual style guide for all your business brand assests so never get stuck on low income producing activites again.


Passion Into Profit School

Do you have a feeling that that there is more you can be doing with your life and want to discover what your inner sparkle is - this program is developed to also help you unlock and discover what you may already know deep in your heart you should be doing, and guide you to a more purposeful life.

The knowledge that you have inside your head and the skills and experience that you have gathered through your life on the planet can be turned into an info-product.

Let Sally use her proven stratagies to help you unlock your passion "inner sparkle" and then creating income while doing what you love - This training is going to give you the skills you need to be successful.

Everything you need to grow a successful lifestyle business.


Business Automation School

Wish you had more time to spend with your family and kids, or more time travelling so you can experience what the world has to offer, then the Business Automation School is what you need!

In this course Sally shares all the strategies and tools she uses in her business that has helped her serve her clients all around the world while building her multiple 6-figure business all while being a solopreneur, and still having time to have a life.

You don’t have to be tech savvy or have a huge budget either… In fact, Sally goes through her top tools she used when starting out and didn’t have the budget for high end tools. Then she walks you through how to get them set-up and running on auto-piolet so you can start making money and following up with your clients while you sleep, or down at the beach with your kids

To join Sally inside the Business Automation School and start working smarter not harder and get your life back.


"Sally has been nothing but a guardian angel for my business. She has such an in-depth knowledge but can make even the most complicated information easily understandable. I would tell everyone to join the Sparkle Class Academy in a heart-beat."

-Adrienne Newman

Sparkle M.A.P's

The Sparkle Monthly M.A.P's (Marketing Action Plans) comes with a live implemation video and a thorough workbook with templates, swipe files,  pre-written copy, along with a step by step guide and checklist so you can implement the marketing action plan with ease.

Each MAP is designed to be easily implemented, so you can add a new strategy to your business each month to help you get automated, attract new leads or close sales without the overwhelm and confusion especially if marketing and sales is not your strength.

Access for FREE when you join the Sparkle Elite Club

Issue #1

Write Your First 5 Sales Emails

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” is designedso you can have a complete automated series of 5-email for your sales funnel.

If you are unsure what to write when someone opt-in to your email list and how to lead them a sales without being sales-y or pushy this MAP is perfect for you.

It comes with the complete email cope templates, so you can take and tweek and add you own spin

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Issue #2

Email & Messenger Bot List Building

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” is a simple system that you can set up for your business so you can build your Facebook Messenger and Email List using this easy to implement automated system.

It’s deceptively simple and powerfully effective!

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Issue #3

Annual Promotional Calendar & Content Marketing

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” is a system will have you.r business set-up for the the next 12 months worth of offers, promotions and also to plan for your content marketing to ensure that the content that you are producing for your audience aligns with your promotions and offers!

Once created you will never have get stuck in overwhelm of what content you should be posting on social media, as you will have a complete reference tool to have you posting with confidence and purpost.

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Issue #4

Automated List Building Machine

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” is by far the most popular one in our collection to date.

It is a complete guide with swipe files and templates to create your converting lead magnet, opt-in landing pages and thank you pages.

Plus complete set-by-step for facebook ads so you can start filling your funnel with qualifed leads who automatically book times to speak to you while your business doing what you love.

This is by far our most popular MAP in our entire collection.

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Issue #5

The Ask & The Follow-Up System

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” is to help you have a proven system to start talking to new potential clients/customers/recruits with simple followup systems.

If you stuggle to start speaking to someone about your product or service or not sure what to say when you are making your follow-up calls, this is the MAP for you.

This MAP will help you close more sales and have you working your business like a true professional.

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Issue #6

Value Ladder & Offer Creation

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” is to help you to develop your value ladder and defining your offers.

If you are confused how to price your products and services, or how to package them up into a irresitable offer this is the perfect MAP for you.

This MAP will help to see what you currently have available that you can offer, and also plan offers for the future.

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Issue #7

Crafting Your 3 Day Challenge

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” is to help you to develop a 3-day challenge that will lead your prospect to your offer.

This MAP will help to define your core promise you will be offering in your 3-day challenge, complete scripted templates for your emails, messenger blasts and facebook group posts.

One of our highest converting MAPs that takes a lead from cold to sold in less than a week.

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Issue #8

Conversations That Convert

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” has be designed to help you increase your consult conversion rates.

You will find scripts and templates for your pre-consult qualifying questionnaire, consult day scripts for reminder phone calls and text messages, plus the all important consult script and how to overcoming objections resource.

Never be scared that you will sound sleazy or sales-y when you have those sales converations again.

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Issue # 9

Messenger Bot Set-Up & Main Build

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” has been designed to help you build your fully working marketing chatbot using ManyChat.

This is a complete step by step process to have your chat bot linked to your Facebook Page with ready to go automations that convert.

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Issue #10

Re-engage with your Cold List

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” has been designed to help re-engage with your prospect list(s).

Once implemented this MAP will have your cold leads all warmed up and requesting to book appointments with you so they can get access to your products and services.

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Issue #11

Automated 9 Touch Follow-Up System

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” has been designed to get your follow-up's automated with emails and text messages so you can book more 1:1's

Once implemented your entire follow-up system will be automated so you can stop letting customers fall through the crack and you'll stop leaving money sitting on the table.

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Issue #12

Vision Board Challenge

This months “Sparkle MAP” has been designed to help you to create your 2020 Vision Board.

A vision board is a sacred place that displays what you want in life. When you hang it in a space where you see it daily, your vision board brings your goals and aspirations to life. ... So make 2020 the year of goal follow-through by creating a vision board to give you a clear picture of where you want to get to.

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Issue #13

Evergreen Serve To Sell Video Series

This issue of the “Sparkle MAP” has been designed to help create an automated evergreen 3 training video series, with all email copy templates so you can automate the training and complete sales sequence.

The focuses of this MAP is to serving first by delivery valuable training and presenting your prospects with an offer at the completion of the training.

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3-Day Automated List Building Bootcamp

Are you looking for guidance to automate and grow your business online leveraging the exact sales & marketing systems used in the Sparkle Class Academy.

Walk alongside Sally and her team as they share what is working in their businesses, and take and tweak all the templates, action plans and get the guidance to build a scalable business even when sales and marketing is not your passion. 

We promise that you will get more done in these 3 day, 8 hour days that you have got done in the last 8 months.