Sparkle Coffee Time Chat with Sally

Weekly Facebook Live Interviews.

✓ Hear stories from some of best coaches, consultants, & experts in their fields
✓ Learn from their mistakes & successes
✓ Implement actionable mindset & business strategies 
✓ Women empowering women in business 
✓ Free resources and guides

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Thoughtful Thursday

Weekly Live with Sally to help get your head straight.

Sally will share tips on mindfulness, strategies for a positive mindset so you can achieve goals, overcome obstacles and make changes or shifts in your life.  

When you gain confidence to get out there and share inner sparkle, the world is your oyster

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Sparkle Tips Tuesday

Live Weekly on Sally Sparks-Cousins Facebook Page

Topics can include: Canva, Live Broadcasting, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Personal Branding, Graphic Design, Sales & Marketing Funnels, Social Media Marketing, Course Creation, Photography, Facebook, and much much more...

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Learn to play Bingo Live on Facebook

Pair text with an image to call out a particular feature, benefit, or product. A common best practice is to stack multiple Text & Image sections in an alternating pattern.

FREE 5 Day Facebook Online Party
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Use this template to write your own 5 day online party.

This is a 50 page resource to help you prepare write and schedule your entire online party/events. Work smarter and not harder by scheduling your own online Facebook event, which will leave you time to interact & build relationships with your host & guests


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