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Alicia Ann Wade

Wellness Coach
Keeping it real AAW

I am Alicia Ann Wade, a Wellness coach, business mentor, Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur, Author, Key Note Speaker and an ambassador of LIFE! My mission if you choose to join is to help empower, inspire and guide YOU to go from mediocre to living a life full of adventures, experiences, and never work another day in your life.
My life has gone from being completely off the rails: Divorce, Domestic violence relationships, addictions, bullying, depression, anxiety, overweight & suicidal - to now living a life full of colour and taking a chance at everything that comes my way!
Do you ever feel you are stuck in a mess – but yearn for success? Maybe you feel trapped in a toxic work environment or relationship? Are using drugs or alcohol as a prop? Or maybe you simply don't appreciate your own worth and feel you are going nowhere? Alicia Ann Wade knows exactly what that feels like and how to break through to a happier, more fulfilling life.

“We all go through struggles in life, and we all have a story to share,” says Alicia.

“I merely want to bring light into those people who are going through a tough time and let them know it is okay. Mental health and suicide are problems we need to start talking about. We need to start connecting and changing what we are currently doing in life because it’s obvious that we are not changing the way we are living. Nothing has changed, we still live on earth, but we need to start connecting and doing more to have fun.”
Alicia has started becoming more involved in politics running for local government this year and now looking at State, a leader delegate on the Fraser Coast for her union in Early Childhood Education, mentoring small businesses, assisting start ups, working alongside intensive family support for her community, personal training for individuals who want to be fit & healthy and holds retreats in Hervey Bay QLD for people to start their wellness journey. Alicia has used her leadership skills from Early Childhood Education and has adapted this to the others worlds she has become involved with.

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