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Jay Staniforth

Expert Unleashed


Having suffered with social anxiety in his early years, Jay went to University to study Psychology so that he could understand why it was that he felt this way. Having graduated, and gone through some personal realisations, he then spent over 10 years in marketing helping stagnant businesses to go from struggling to thriving – such as taking a company from making an annual loss, to turning £3.5m in under 5 years.

Having personally experienced the flaws and negative impact that a corporate career can have on a persons mental-wellbeing, Jay left the corporate world to focus on his mission and passion for helping people to create a life and business doing something they love that had a positive impact on the lives of others. 

 It is then that he co-founded Expert Unleashed, a marketing business that helps coaches and course creators to sell their services online using brand strategy and sales funnels.

The company has seen great success within a range of coaching and course niches, such as taking a wealth creation coaching business to over £1m in turnover in less than 2 years.

Jay is the author of the book The Anxious Entrepreneur, has a passion for animals – especially dogs – constantly craves food, begrudgingly enjoys the gym, hates coffee but loves hot chocolate, and is a personal development addict.

Workshop Sessions

TOPIC 1:  "Build it and they will come.... but what if they don't?