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Karen Eley

Women Talking Finance

Karen Eley is the Founder and CEO of Women Talking Finance, which provides Money Coaching and Financial literacy services, specifically to women.  As a former financial adviser for over fifteen years, she saw the need to assist women better engage with their finances, so she left a successful financial planning practice to focus on Money Coaching.

Money is an integral part of our lives and we all have a relationship with money, whether we embrace it or deny it.  Having overcome her own financial challenges, she is now on a mission to assist other women reach their full financial potential.

Karen is a Certified Money Coach (CMC) ®, holds a Bachelor of Accounting and a Diploma in Financial Planning. As a former shoe addict (yes, she understands the temptation of wants vs saving) she is committed to showing women what’s possible with money, from both a practical and psychological perspective.


Workshop Sessions

TOPIC: How to Cultivate a Bullet-proof Money Mindset

DESCRIPTION: The real reason you’re not totally engaged with your money Deep-dive and examine what you currently believe about money, wealth & finance. Wake up to the money beliefs that are keeping you stuck in fear and procrastination & how to turn them around to find your financial power. How to cultivate the ownership of your finances so you can stop blocking opportunities for wealth creation.