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LeeAnn Romine

Manifesting & Mindset Coach

Lee Ann is a manifesting and mindset coach with a twist… she is also an Intuitive/Psychic.  Her passion is for helping female entrepreneurs find and fix what may be holding them back from creating the amazing success they were born to have.  Using her 35 years’ experience as an intuitive & psychic she will give YOU that extra edge with defining your career path and goals. From there she can help you to set up a personalized plan full of actionable steps to make it a reality.

Using her Mindset Mapmaker Journey, she herself has gone from a barely functioning, anxiety and depression riddled stay at home wife to a thriving, vibrant and healthy entrepreneur.

She is now passionate about helping her clients overcome obstacles and create their successes quickly and easily without spending years finding and overcoming their limitations.

She has created a system that can totally change the trajectory of your life.  The Mindset Mapmaker Journey

“We create our own reality, but no one said we had to do it without a guide! Let’s create your success Now!”

Workshop Sessions

TOPIC 1: Mindset Manifesting + Bonus group intuitive reading

DESCRIPTION: Join LeeAnn as she tunes into her intuitive senses to guide you into your successful future and how to use mindset and manifesting to grow your business quickly while overcome imposter syndrome. With a bonus group intuitive reading