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Lisa Sweeney

Business In Heels

Lisa Sweeney CEO of Business in Heels works with business owners every day to fast-track them on their road to success. She loves to learn about their dreams, business ideas; to empower them with education, mentoring, marketing & connections. 

Today with Business in Heels connecting 160,000 into a collaborative community there is always someone she knows who will help.  

 Strategic planning, recognition of business opportunities, developing them into a business & marketing are Lisa’s strengths. She loves the opportunity to share this with her many collaborators & mentees.

Her dream is to create an unlimited future for women.


Workshop Sessions

KEYNOTE TOPIC: Passion to Profitability - A journey to making a difference


Lisa talks about how starting Value driven businesses are the fastest growing sector in the economy. She then follows her journey to discover her values from the back blocks of China to the corporate board room and the pivotal moment that set her on a track to champion equality for women.

She discusses the law of attraction & reciprocity, key lessons that have enabled Business in Heels to scale to the size it is today, connecting 160,000 women. 

Lisa will explain how Business in Heels is making a difference during COVID pandemic.  She will link the lessons learnt to how everyone can make a difference. and close with a challenge to take action as she encourages everyone to start on their own journey to making a difference.

WORKSHOP 1 & 2 TOPIC : Scaling Your Business Online using the Power of Video Marketing

DESCRIPTION: Feeling frustrated with your lack of profile and ability to cut through the noise of the marketplace? Scared of being on video? Overwhelmed by technology? Struggling for content ideas.
Here's What You'll Learn in this Workhop:
• The Power of video marketing when going one to many with 10X effectiveness of any other content
• The storytelling secrets that will help you to Build Immediate Trust and position you as the Go-to Authority... FAST
• TIPS & TRICKS to creating professional videos
• 10 ways to utilise one video so it looks like you are all over social media

WORKSHOP 3 TOPIC: Conscious Collaboration – Becoming the Go-To-Person

DESCRIPTION: It is tough growing a business and quickly we learn we can’t do it alone. When you try to find the right people, it appears to be a waste of time. Social media is overwhelming like falling down a rabbit hole with many wasted hours.

Imagine developing a pipeline of referrals where others do the hard yards of selling you.

Learn 3 key things you MUST know, to get an ROI on networking
1. Collaborations yield Clients 
2. How a Circle of Introduction can lead to your Circle of Trust

3. Tips & TRICKS to having an impact on social media