3-Day Online Conference for Those In Biz Who Like To SPARKLE!



Online Conference: The only event exclusively for Coaches, Consultants, Healers & Course Creators


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Sally Sparks-Cousins

Sales & Marketing Automation Experts
Sparkle Class Academy

Sally Sparks-Cousins the founder of the Sparkle Class Academy is on a mission to empower people to find their "Inner Sparkle" zone of genuis or passion and then to use it to build a business that can be tailored around their lifestyles.
Working mostly with current or want to be coaching, consultants, healers and service-based businesses who want to create membership programs and courses.

She has an uncanny ability to remove the tech overwhelm for her clients when it comes to getting automated with their sales & marketing strategies.

... so they can focus on what they are good at, and knowing with confidence that they have a consistent flow of leads knocking at their door because their automation is working for them in the background.

Sally helps her clients literally step by step, and click by click to set up their automation systems, using just 3 simple programs - even when they don't understand how it works - it just does!

She wants her clients to EARN while you LEARN.

... so that they can fill their calendar with prospects eager to speak to them.

That way her clients can focus on doing what they are good at, which is working in their own zone of genius or as Sally like to call it “your inner sparkle”

Sally’s inner sparkle is sales and marketing automation and also reading the sexy numbers to ensure their marking automation is working and converting well.

Sally loves working in her zone of genius so her clients can focus on serving and helping their clients using your own zone of genius.

Sally has a strong belief that to inspire she needs to lead by example and proves that by rolling up her sleeves and 'getting s#%t done!' right alongside her clients - Literally FACE TO FACE in a ZOOM ROOM, most days of the week.

Sally wants to break the mould when it comes to supporting her clients by building a community of coaches, consultants, healers and course creators who are all using the same software to grow and scale their business so that no student gets left behind.

The Sparkle Community is an ecosystem of entrepreneurs working together daily inside of a Virtual Office Space LIVE, so someone is always there to chat too and get help from, even if Sally is not around.

The motto of the Sparkle Class Academy is “We work better together than we do alone”.

Workshop Sessions

TOPIC 1: 15 Lead Magnet Ideas.

DESCRIPTION: Get a list of 15 different lead magnets that you can create in between 30-60. So you can finally have something available to start attracting leads and growing your email list.

TOPIC 2: The perfect automated marketing funnel to fill your calendar with eager prospects

DESCRIPTION: You can stop hustling and chasing leads you set up this list building machine. Get the blueprint to build an automated marketing funnel, that has prospect booking appointments in your calendar while you sleep, so you can focus on the important job of speaking to those people who actually want and need your help. Start working smarter and not harder with this automated system.