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Daphne Soares

Carousel Moms

Daphne Soares is the Founder of Carousel Moms. She believes that being a Mom is one of the most important roles out there. 


Daphne has gone from a career woman to a home maker, to a coordinator, a master catechist, volunteer and counsellor. She is a certified master catechist, family, trauma, and teens counsellor and a relationships, career life coach. While juggling her own business - Carousel Moms - she continues her ongoing counselling and coaching education. 


According to her, it is vital that moms have the right balance in all aspects of their lives, so that they can spin in synchronization to the rhythm of the music like a carousel.


Moms need to firstly build a special relationship with themselves, before they continue spreading the love with others in their workplace, home, community, and society. While juggling being a mother, many moms tend to sacrifice their sleep, meals, and inevitably their own health which burns them out. If the mom is sick, everyone is sick. Home is not home without mom.

Daphne helps moms find the right balance in their own carousels of life, so that they might be an inspiration to their children and everyone around them.

Daphne says:

"The Power is within you!

BREAK FREE from what is holding you back and preventing you from creating lasting relationships or living out your dreams".