Facebook Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads explained

goal setting marketing Jun 11, 2019

Facebook Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads explained

When you go to set up your ads it can look very confusing, but  we all need to love using ad manager.

I want to share with you in today’s blog post how to break down Facebook advertising.

Firstly, there are three levels when you're looking at your ads.

So let's get into today's content.

Level One

The Campaign Level.

This is the very top level is where you set your campaign.

Your campaign level is where you choose what the main goal you want Facebook to do with your ad.

You want to know the type of people you are trying to target and what you want them to do.

Do you want them to click?  

Do you want them to engage?

Do you want them to watch a video?

Do you want conversions?

I recommend conversions, as we want them to get from the opt in page to the thank you page, by giving you their email address.

In return you will send them some free resource for supply their email address.

When launching into a brand new country...

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The Path of a new Coach, Consultant, Healer, or Course Creator

The Path of a New Coach, Consultant, Healer, or Course Creator

Today we're talking about the path of a new coach, consultant, healer or course creator.  What the steps are and the best way to go about that so that you have the fastest path to profit.

Step One

You need to confirm what it is that you want to offer to make sure people are actually interested in it.  I recommend when you're first starting out, you should be doing one on ones doing and helping people, one on one. That way you are speaking to your ideal audience. You get to hear their pain points, you get to find out their struggles.


Delve deep and figure out what it is that you can do to help them by hearing from the horse's mouth. What it is they're looking for help from you.

The more one on ones that you do, then the more you're going to get to know the people that you are trying to serve, and help. Once you have so many one on ones booked and you have a waiting list you may struggle to keep on top...

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6 Reasons Why Marketing Your Business is so Important

marketing motivation May 07, 2019

Six Reasons why marketing your business is so important

1. Marketing Informs your customers


By informing and educating your customers about you and about what you do, how do you serve? How do you help people. In order for customers to buy from you, your audience needs information.

When they have a solid understanding about you and your products and services. They are well educated,  they know, like and trust you. This makes it easy for them to choose to buy from you, if they feel you are the right fit for them. So number one, it informs.


2. Marketing equalises the playing field

Modern day marketing, has made it a lot less expensive than it used to be to get you front of your ideal clients.

Billboards, newspaper ads,  TV ads and radio commercials were all very expensive.

But today, we have financial viable options to get our message out there. This allows you to compete against a lot of the big names and you still be able to get out there...

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