Sparkle Coffee Time Chat Episode #08 - Debbi Starr

sparkle coffee time Jul 15, 2019


Debbie Starr


Systems to Scale Your Business in 3 easy to follow steps.


Tech Tamer & Business Strategist sharing her systems to scale your business in 3 easy to follow steps.

There are many systems inside a thriving business and having the right ones are crucial to time saving success. 

Debbie takes you through how important systems are within your business in easy to follow steps. 

Topic: Systems to Scale Your Business in 3 easy to follow steps.

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#365 Sparkle Live Challenge - Day 27.1

sparkle live challenge Jul 11, 2019

Sparkle Class Academy Compensation Plan Launch

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Let's Talk about Confidence

how to mindset Jul 10, 2019

Let's Talk about Confidence

Here's four tips about Confidence:

Every single person out there is not born with confidence. Confidence is something that you develop over time. It is something that grows with time. 

Picture an athlete. When they first start running, do you think they have the strength and the stamina to run long distances? What about a weight trainer? Do you think that they start out being able to lift 100 kilos? They start on the lower side and do a little bit at a time and they build that muscle. 

Confidence is exactly the same. Confidence is something that you will only build if you practice.

Tip number one, to build your Confidence:


Practice, and get out there and practice, practice, practice.

Let's talk about things you are going to practice.

Tip number two, get your ask into gear:

Now hearing that word ask can be super super scary for lots of people. Walking up to somebody and asking. So often my mum will come over she wants to know something...

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Sparkle Coffee Time Chat - Episode #07 - 24 Hour Marathon

sparkle coffee time Jul 08, 2019

24 Hour Marathon


24 Hour Sparkle Coaching Slumber Party Debrief.


This interview is at the end of the 24 hour marathon Sally Sparks-Cousins is completing Live on Facebook. 

Meet Team Sparkle as Sally interviews her staff members half delirious from sleep deprivation from doing her 24 hour marathon.

Team Sparkle staff are: Amanda Sutherland - Operations Manager, Lucia Peters - Customer Success Team Manager, Age Newman - Events Manager, Robyn Showler - Technological Specialist, and Adrienne Francis - Blog Transcriptionist

Sally and Team Sparkle are debriefing about the 24 hour Marathon that has just ended.


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#365 Sparkle Live Challenge - Day 26

sparkle live challenge Jul 04, 2019

Letterbox Drops

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Smart Goals

goal setting how to Jul 02, 2019

Smart Goals

"I want to improve" that's a very broad statement, not very smart goals. It's like saying I want more money. 

Let's talk about smart goals, I set SMART goals all the time. So whether it's for a personal reason, or for a professional reason, it is so important to set smart goals.

Do you know what a SMART goal is?

Is that goal hard to reach? It's not usually a lack of effort, it has more to do with a lack of structure. Structure on how you actually set those goals. When you're setting your goals, think about the acronym smart. 

A SMART goal is specific thing, it is measurable, it is attainable, and actionable. It is realistic, and it is also time bound. Alright, so I'll go into each of these little letters and what they need. Let's think about actually thinking about setting a goal.  These letters will make your goal more achievable, rather than broad statements. So for example,

"I want to lose weight."

"I want to get more healthy."

"Oh, I want to lose,...

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Sparkle Coffee Time Chat Episode #06 - Genavieve Shingle Jaffe

sparkle coffee time Jul 01, 2019

Genavieve Shingle Jaffe


The GDR new laws and how to implement them into your business


Gena Shingle Jaffe is the Legally Fit Mama. She is a mom, lawyer and fitness coach. she helps online business owners protect their legal booty with contracts and trademarks and helps women strengthen their booties through online workouts.  

you can follow her on Instagram @genajaffe and check out her work at genajaffe.com  

GDPR Got You Feeling Confused? 

Well I've got you covered with Gena Shingle Jaffe with this live interview.

On this live this tonight she will give you the lowdown on what's important, what you need to do, and what you need to know as an online business owner! 


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