#365 Sparkle Live Challenge - Day 32 "Flashback"

sparkle live challenge Aug 22, 2019

5:2 Fasting 12 Week Challenge



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Emotional Cycle of an Entrepreneur

mindset Aug 20, 2019

Emotional Cycle of an Entrepreneur 

Business, like life can be a rollercoaster. An emotional rollercoaster.

It is super important to  understand these different emotional cycles. It means it's easier to pull yourself out of a negative emotional place and back on track.  It makes it easier to redirect yourself back to a positive emotional place.

Because when you know, and you're more self aware, you have better control over what it is that you do.

Let's have a look at these emotional cycles of being an entrepreneur.

The Excitement Phase

So when we first start  business, there's lot's of excitement. There's lots and lots of hope. This is when we are full of energy,

We're motivated we've got big goals. We see that people are starting to believe in us. We are feeling the reward of actually starting out with excitement. As we continue, we stay excited when we start earning money.  When people start purchasing from and when we good feedback from others.

It's a...

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Sparkle Coffee Time Chat Episode #11 - Amanda Sutherland

sparkle coffee time Aug 19, 2019

Amanda Sutherland


Tips and Tricks working with Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets.




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#365 Sparkle Live Challenge - Day 31 "Flashback"

sparkle live challenge Aug 15, 2019

Wacky Weeding like crazy people



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Brand Values - Part One

marketing Aug 13, 2019

Brand Values - Part One


Your brand values encompasses the entire face of your business. They are the true north to the success of your business and where you are now to where you want to be. So they are pretty darn important. They also show the relationship between your brand your values and your brand values.

Values stands for the core of your business, where you are at the heart, where your true centre is and everything from that radiates out.

There are three main core elements when you're designing your brand. 

  1. They are your brand look
  2. The voice or message of your brand
  3. The relationship of your brand.

Branding is an involved process, it's not something that's complete in a couple of days. A full company rebranding incorporates a style guide. Business values, a vision statement and a visual style guide.

 Creating your brand is like a coaching session. A counselling session to see and find out their why. It comes back to the emotional connection....

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Sparkle Coffee Time Chat Episode #10 - Jessica Magoch

Uncategorized Aug 12, 2019

Jessica Magoch


The Science Behind Why People REALLY Buy: The Best
Sales Advice I Ever Received That Launched us from $0- $100M in sales.


Jessica Magoch is an award-winning nine-figure sales leader.  She's sharing what
she learned about recruiting, training and leading a B2B startup commission-only
sales team from $0 to $100M in three years.  As a yoga teacher, martial artist, singer
and actress, she takes a mind/body/soul approach to selling that she delivers
through your signature program, The Sales Launch Code, a step-by-step accelerator
from startup to conversion machine, 1:1 Sales coaching and sales leadership
programs, custom Sales Playbook Design, and proprietary sales recruiting
assessments. She teaches regularly at the Wharton School of Business Startup
Incubators and was recently named one of The Top 50 Women of 2019.

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#365 Sparkle Live Challenge - Day 30 "Flashback"

sparkle live challenge Aug 08, 2019

Take a moment and breathe

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Sparkle Coffee Time Chat Episode #09 - Malene Bendtsen

sparkle coffee time Aug 06, 2019

Malene Bendtsen


Malene shares how she creates books designed to work as a lead generator as well as an authority builder.


Malene Bendtsen is an online business and book coach.  

She helps experts, speakers, teachers, consultants, and coaches to launch signature books and online courses.  

She is the former CEO of a self-publishing company in Latin America but started her own company focusing specifically on entrepreneurs.  

Her specialty is helping entrepreneurs to create beautiful books designed to work as a lead generator as well as an authority builder.







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