Let's talk about Commitment

mindset Sep 17, 2019

Let's talk about Commitment

Let's talk about commitment. Are you committed to moving forward to doing things? So often I hear people say, Hey, I would love to have a business like yours.  If I could achieve success, I would love it. If I could have influence to help people solve their problems, I would love it. If people would decide to come to my events, I would love it.

But what you'll find is most of the time people make statements like that, but they don't follow through. They don't take the actions needed to achieve their goals. 99% of people will not do what it takes. And It's not an easy road.

It means sometimes doing things that are uncomfortable. It means sometimes we have to do things that are not in our comfort zone. When you step outside your comfort zone, that is when great things happen. It's when you get uncomfortable when you take steps in ways that you know you need to do. It's usually the hardest thing to do that will make changes in your life.

It is so much...

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#SparkleLiveChallenge - Day 35 "Flashback"

sparkle live challenge Sep 12, 2019

Cleaning up!! Surround yourself with those who lift you up

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Let's think about Branding

marketing Sep 10, 2019

Let's Think about Branding

Let's think about branding. Branding and the emotional connection to your personal brand.

The emotional connection to your brand.

How it can help to build your business and also build your audience?

When choosing colours and objects for your brand, there is  an emotional connection to you. That's usually why you choose it. Then you can connect your brand objects and colours to the stories thats attached to them. Sharing stories creates an emotional connection for you and for your audience.

The best type of public speaker, the best leaders out there are great storytellers. It's not the A plus B equals C,  it's not the how to do this and how to do that. That people remember the most. It is the stories behind what you say and do that usually resonates and stays with people.  It creates effective reactions. It creates experiences. It creates a common interest between you and your customers or your team.

It builds your brand. People know who...

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#SparkleLiveChallenge - Day 34 "Flashback"

sparkle live challenge Sep 05, 2019

Embrass your weirdness

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#SparkleLiveChallenge - Day 33 "Flashback"

sparkle live challenge Aug 29, 2019

Website Launch

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Sparkle Coffee Time Episode #12 - Connie Clark

sparkle coffee time Aug 26, 2019

Connie Clark


Six steps to remove the overwhelm and fear of Accounting software


Connie is the owner of Mission Computers, a computer training
company that she started in 1991.
It is Connie’s love for teach and helping others maximize their
technology that has made her successful in the business for over 25
Not only has Connie won many facilitation awards but she has also won
the local Chamber of Commerce Business to Business award.  Connie
loves to be involved in the community and has always volunteered on at
least 1 board or another.As part of the Computer Education industry
she is always excited to learn new things and take on new challenges.
One of Connie’s goals with her customers is to help people manage their
data in an effective and efficient way so that they take charge of their
computer and gain time. Give her a problem with your data or
information process and she will welcome the chance to help you solve
it.  Her students 'trust...

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