S.M.A.R.T Goals

goal setting Nov 14, 2019

S.M.A.R.T Goals

"I want to improve" 

That's a very broad statement, not a very smart goal. It's like saying I want more money.

Let's talk about S.M.A.R.T Goals

I set SMART goals all the time. Whether it's for a personal reason, or for a professional reason, it is so important to set smart goals.

Do you know what a SMART goal is?

Is that goal hard to reach? 

It's not usually a lack of effort, it has more to do with a lack of structure. Structure in how you actually set those goals. When you're setting your goals, think about the acronym S.M.A.R.T. 

A SMART goal is specific thing, it is measurable, it is attainable, and actionable. It is realistic and relevant, and it is also time bound.


Alright, so I'll go into each of these little letters and what they need. Let's think about actually setting a goal.  These letters will make your goal more achievable, rather than broad statements. So for example,

"I want to lose weight."

"I want to get more...

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How to Follow Up Like a Pro

automation marketing sales Nov 07, 2019

How to  Follow Up Like a Pro!

I want to share some tips with you and why following up is so important. 


Now who has heard the saying before? "The Fortune Is In The Follow Up?" 


Have you heard it?


I want to share some statistics with you about following up. 

 The National Sales Executive Association ran some surveys to find out how often people actually follow up.

 Did you know 48% of people say that they never follow up. 

So 48% of people say they never follow up. 

Are you one of those people who never follow up?

  25% of people say after 2 follow ups, they stop.

 10% of people say that they actually follow up more than three times.

All right now I want to talk to you about the statistics of the sale.

2% of your customers will actually buy.  

2% will buy on that first contact. 

3% of people will buy on the second. 

5% of people will buy on the third. 

10% of people will buy on the...

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Don't Leave Money Sitting On The Table

sales Oct 31, 2019

Don't leave money sitting on the table!

Don't leave money sitting on the table.

Today let's talk about how to stop leaving money sitting on the table.

 Let's talk about six ways that lazy sellers stop short... 

...where they could do better... 

 ...and if they use the system and a proven plan, they would be making more money.

Number one

A lazy seller will lose track of someone who isn't interested in their product or service right now. 

 If you don't have a way to track your leads, and you're not segmenting your leads, these leads may not be ready for you right now, but chances are, if they were looking, they may be ready in the future sometime. They may be in that research mode right now.

Number two

A lazy seller may be too slow to make contact.  

 When they get a referral or a new phone number, the best thing to do is to contact a new lead within 24 hours. This is when you're still front of mind.

 We have a nine touch follow up...

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The most neglected part of your marketing process

The most neglected part of your marketing process

Now this topic we're going to be covering now is the most neglected part of the marketing process.

What do you think is the most neglected part of the marketing process?

Number one

Number one in the marketing process is to attract your clients.

 This is through advertising. Organic, paid advertising and free advertising.  

 It's a way to get people to start to get to know us and tell them what we have to offer.

Number two

The second step is to turn them into a lead. 

 Now, this is when we've now collected their email address or their phone number. 

 So now they're on our list. It is super important that we're always growing our list. Because remember, guys, every one email equates to about $1 a month into your bank account. So you should be growing your email list every single day, every day.

Number three

Number three is the nurture process. 

The nurture process is about building the...

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#SparkleLiveChallenge - Day 38.1 "Flashback"

sparkle live challenge Oct 17, 2019

Take Two

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